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Unplugged: performed or performing with acoustic rather than electric instruments.

To shun: to avoid.

Devotee: a person who admires and is very enthusiastic about sby/sthg.

To overtake: [often passive] if sthg unpleasant overtakes a person, it unexpectedly starts to happen and to affect them.

To set up: to create sthg or start it.

Slash: the symbol (/) used to show alternatives, as in lunch and/or dinner and 4/5 people and to write fractions, as in ¾.

Dot: (computing) a symbol like a full stop / period used to separate parts of a domain name, a URL or an email address.

To update: to give sby the most recent information about sthg; to add the most recent information to sthg.

To upgrade: to make a piece of machinery, computer system, etc. more powerful and efficient.

To look upon sby: to consider sby/sthg in a particular way.

Oddity: a person or thing that is strange or unusual.

Snail mail: (informal, humorous) used especially by people who use email on computers to describe the system of sending letters by ordinary mail.

To go astray: to become lost; to be stolen.

To swallow: to make food, drink, etc. go down your throat into your stomach.

Fairly: to some extent but not very.

To download: (computing) to move data to a smaller computer system from a larger one.

Bulky: (of a thing) large and difficult to move or carry.

Laptop: a small computer that can work with a battery and be easily carried.

To put away: to put sthg in the place where it is kept because you have finished using it.

Dreadful: very bad or unpleasant.

Junk: things that are considered useless or of little value.

Fork-lift: a vehicle with special equipment on the front for moving and lifting heavy objects.

To figure out: to think about sby/sthg until you understand them / it. To work out.

Bar: one of the small equal parts into which a piece of music is divided, containing a fixed number of beats.

To strike: to come into sby’s mind suddenly.

To spread: to cover, or to make sthg cover, a larger and larger area.

Quaint: attractive in an unusual or old-fashioned way.

To miss out on sthg: to fail to benefit from sthg useful or enjoyable by not taking part in it.

To undercut: to make sthg weaker or less likely to be effective.

The whole kit and caboodle: (informal) everything.

Outcast: a person who is not accepted by other people and who sometimes has to leave their home and friends.

Stuff: used to refer in a general way to things that people do, say, think, etc.

Reassuring: making you feel less worried or uncertain about sthg.

Stern: serious and often disapproving; expecting sby  to obey you.

To plonk: to put sthg down on sthg, especially noisily or carelessly.

Pool: a game for two people played with 16 coloured balls on a table, often in pubs and bars. Players use cues (= long sticks) to try to hit the balls into pockets at the edge of the table.

Outside chance: a very small possibility of sthg happening, especially sthg that you want.

To force upon: to make sby accept sthg that they do not want.

Quid: (pl. quid) (BrE, informal) one pound in money.

State-of-the-art: using the most modern or advanced techniques or methods; as good as it can be at the present time.

To broadcast: to send out programmes on television or radio.

Costly: costing a lot of money, especially more than you want to pay.

VDU: a machine with a screen like a television that displays information from a computer (abbreviation for ‘visual display unit / video display terminal’).

Keyboard: the set of keys for operating a computer or typewriter.

Printer: a machine for printing text on paper, especially one connected to a computer.

To glue: to join two things together using glue.

Anguish: severe pain, mental suffering or unhappiness.

To plead with: to ask sby for sthg in a very strong and serious way. To beg.

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