Posted by: a2cristina | March 22, 2010



  1. How often do you meet up with some of your old primary / secondary school friends?
  2. Can you mention any of the few bars where smoking is still allowed?
  3. Do you think there is every likelihood you will still be studying at this school next year? What languages would you like to study?
  4. How long do you spend a week surfing the Internet? (answer using as much / as many as… hours).
  5. Do you think children who surf the Internet should be restricted to a certain amount of time?
  6. Have you got an awful lot to do at school / at work?
  7. Do you agree with the following statement? “All too often students fail to read instructions properly, and few, if any, get full marks.”
  8. What restaurant / actor / cook / clothes shop / clothes designer / perfumer… would you qualify as being second to none?
  9. Have you ever had to wait a good few hours to get theatre / plane… tickets?

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