Posted by: a2cristina | March 31, 2010



  1. Describe a situation or event in which you felt the following emotions: Joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, shame and guilt.
  2. Did you experience any bodily symptoms or expressive reactions, like some of the following:

BODYLY SYMPTOMS: a lump in your throat, a change in breathing, stomach troubles, feeling hot / cold, your heart beating faster, perspiring, etc.

EXPRESSIVE REACTIONS: laughing, smiling, crying, sobbing, keeping silent, talking just a little, making a long speech, etc.

3. Are the following statements true for you? Why?

    • I am often confused or puzzled about what I am feeling.
    • I find it difficult to explain to a friend how I feel.
    • When I am scared or nervous, I feel something in my tummy.
    • When I am upset, I try to understand why.
    • I am sometime angry and do not know why.
    • When I am upset about something, I often keep it to myself.
    • I can easily explain to a friend how I feel inside.
    • When I am angry or upset, I try to hide this from the people near me.
    • If a friend is upset, I think it may be my fault.
    • When I have a problem, I solve it on my own.
    • When I am upset, I try not to show it.
    • Sometimes, I feel upset and I have no idea why.
    • I very often get butterflies in my stomach, mostly when I am nervous.
    • When I am sad, my body feels weak.
    • Sometimes when I am sad I wish I could start sobbing or yelling in order to get it out of my system.
    • I often don’t know why I am angry.
    • I don´t know when or if something will upset me or not.
    • Not knowing what to do makes me very nervous and can bring me close to tears.
    • My face usually reflects the emotions I feel. I cannot hide anything I feel.
    • I hate people being upset or angry with me.

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