Posted by: crisdiaz24 | April 27, 2010



  1. What are your favourite sounds? Which sounds do you not like?
  2. Do you consider yourself sensitive to noise?
  3. How much do the following noises annoy you?
    • Urban traffic
    • Traffic on highways, motorways, and the like.
    • motor bikes.
    • Neighbours.
    • Industry.
    • bars/discos.
    • people in the streets.
    • Music blaring from people’s cars.
  4. Is there any kind of voice you think is unbearable to listen to?
  5. What do you think about people talking in hushed voices around you?
  6. Have you ever had to listen to a dog whining all night long?
  7. Can noise keep you awake at night?
  8. Do you ever slam doors?
  9. Do you think people make too much of a racket in Santander on a Friday or Saturday night?

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