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Etiquette: the formal rules of correct or polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession.

To fidget: to keep moving your body, your hands or your feet because you are nervous, bored, excited, etc.

Bottom: the part of the body that you sit on.

To stroke: to move your hand gently and slowly over an animal’s fur or hair.

Mock: that is a copy of sthg; not real.

To conduct: to direct a group of people who are singing or playing music.

To bob up: to come to the surface suddenly.

Kick: a movement with the foot or the leg, usually to hit sthg with the foot.

To resort TO: to make use of sthg, especially sthg bad, as a means of achieving sthg, often because there is no other possible solution.

To seethe: to be extremely angry about sthg but try not to show other people how angry you are.

Righteous: morally right and good. What you think is morally acceptable or fair.

Whilst: While.

To open up: to talk about what you feel and think.

Drawback: disadvantage.

To flick: to hit sthg with a sudden quick movement, especially using your finger and thumb together, or your hand.

Mischief: bad behaviour (especially of children) that is annoying but does not cause any serious damage or harm.

To whistle: to make a high sound or a musical tune by forcing your breath out when your lips are closed.

To ruin: to damage sthg so badly that it loses all its value, pleasure, etc.; to spoil sthg.

Horrific: (informal) very bad or unpleasant.

Downside: the disadvantages or less positive aspects of sthg.

To dress up: to put on special clothes, especially to pretend to be sby/sthg different.

Black tie: a black bow tie worn with a dinner jacket.

To stifle: to feel unable to breathe, or to make sby unable to breathe, because it is too hot and/or there is no fresh air.

Oblivious TO: not aware of sthg.

To pop on: to turn on a piece of electrical equipment.

Outburst: a sudden strong expression of an emotion.

Temper: a short period of feeling very angry.

On no account: (used to emphasise sthg) not for any reason.

In full working order: fully capable of operating.

Chopstick: either of a pair of thin sticks that are used for eating with, especially in some Asian countries.

To unwrap: to take off the paper, etc. that covers or protects sthg.

To wander off: to move away from the place where you ought to be or the people you are with.

To cocoon: [usually passive] cocoon sby/sthg (in sthg) to protect sby/sthg by surrounding them or it completely with sthg.

Unabashed: not ashamed, embarrassed or affected by people’s disapproval, when other people would be.

To dumb down: (disapproving) to make sthg less accurate or educational, and of worse quality, by trying to make it easier for people to understand.


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