Posted by: a2cristina | May 5, 2010



  1. What kind of collections are there on view at…
  • the Prehistoric Museum in Santander?
  • the British Museum?
  • the Tower of London?
  • the Vatican Museums?
  • the Maritime Museum in Santander?
  1. What kind of physical defects do people try to hide from view? Do you know anyone who has a tattoo hidden from view?

2. Have you ever caught sight of dolphins or whales at sea? Of salmon or trout in a river?

3. What stars can you name that are visible to the naked eye? What comet was visible to the naked eye a few years ago?

4. What animals can you mention which have a very poor / very good vision?

5. Have you got good eyesight?

6. Do you remember a time when poor visibility made driving conditions extremely dangerous?

7. Do you remember any embarrassing situation when something happened in full view of an audience?

8. Would you enjoy being in the public eye and being recognised wherever you went?

9. Have you ever had to keep your eye on a stranger’s suitcase or bag at a station or an airport? How did you feel?

10. Talk to your partner about…

    • A familiar sight in your town or the surrounding countryside at this time of year.
    • A breathtaking view you have seen.
    • Someone in the public eye whom you admire.
    • A radio or television programme you know which provides an in-depth look at current affairs.
    • The advantages and disadvantages of having x-ray vision.

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