Posted by: crisdiaz24 | May 11, 2010



1. Who do Hawaiian tattoos share a kinship with?

2.  Who is the ancient art of tattooing thriving among?

3. What do tattoos define in Polynesian society?

    4. What do Hawaiians think the right tattoos protect you from?

    5. What does enduring your first tattoo mean for a Polynesian?

    6. What instruments are used in Polynesia?

    7. What were the teeth made from in the old days?

    8. What does Tata mean? What about u?

    9. Who were the first westerners to use the word tattoo?

    10. When will they eat what Isaia and his crew are preparing?

    11. How far back do the symbols the reporter want tattooed on his body date?


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