Posted by: a2cristina | May 12, 2010



1. Have you ever had to read a poem or any other text aloud to the whole class? How did you feel?

2. Do you know anyone who is an avid reader? What kinds of books / magazines / etc. Does he / she read? How many do they read per week?

3. Are you an avid reader of any particular author, genre or magazine?

4. Are you a fast or a slow reader?

5. What book do you consider a very good read? What kind of people would you recommend it to? What book(s) would you recommend to:

  • Children?
  • Teenagers?
  • Adults?
  • Elderly people?

6. What was the last novel you read? Was it a good read?

7. What kind of subjects / topics do you read widely and voraciously? If you don’t read voraciously now, did you use to in the past?

8. Do you think the way the book is translated into Spanish can make it easier or more difficult to read? Can you give any examples? Do you think it is right for the name of the tranlator to be mentioned?

9. Do you usually write rough drafts of your translations / compositions / letters to friends, etc.?

10. Do you usually copy your teachers’ explanations neatly into your notebooks? Do you consider it useful?

11. Do you have neat handwriting, or do others find it hard to read? Do you think you can get better grades if you have neat handwriting?

12. Do you sometimes wish instructions / special documents / etc. Were written in plain Spanish / plain English? Can you give any examples?


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