Posted by: crisdiaz24 | May 14, 2010



  1. do you consider photography as an art?
  2. Can you name a few famous photographers?
  3. What photographs, if any, have impressed you the most?
  4. What is art? Why do we enjoy art? Why is art important?
  5. What examples of plastic arts can you mention? And of performance arts?
  6. Do you like art? What art form do you prefer: painting, sculpture, architecture, drawing, music, ballet, photography, poetry…?
  7. Do you like visiting art museums? Mention some of the most famous museums you have ever been to. Which ones did you like the best? Which ones did you like the least? When was the last time you went to an art museum?
  8. Do you have a favourite artist and work of art?

9. What factors can influence the way we look at a specific work of art? What can make us appreciate it or not?

10.  Do you think the following statements are true or false, Reason your answers.

  • Modern art is amusing.
  • Modern artists are deceiving the public.
  • Attitudes to art are changing.
  • People are becoming more sophisticated or art is becoming simpler.
  • Not many people visit art exhibitions these days.
  • People have often found it hard to accept new trends in art.
  • People don’t have so much exposure to art these days.
  • Graffiti is a form of art; a form of expressing one’s mind.

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