Posted by: a2cristina | May 26, 2010



  1. What is a TV documentary? What is the purpose of documentaries?
  2. Do you like watching documentaries? Why / Why not?
  3. Can a documentary be entertaining?
  4. What TV channels air documentary programmes?
  5. In your opinion what TV companies / producers are the best at making documentaries? The Spanish, the English, the Americans…
  6. Can you give any examples of…
    1. Science and Nature documentaries?
    2. Environment documentaries?
    3. Historical documentaries?
    4. Political documentaries?
    5. Reality documentaries?
    6. Travel documentaries?
    7. Cultural documentaries?
    8. Medical documentaries?
    9. Interviews?
  7. Do you know the names of any famous documentary-makers?
  8. Can you think of a feature-length TV or film documentary?
  9. Do you usually pay attention to the documentary soundtrack?

10.  What role does the documentary presenter play in making the documentary interesting or appealing? What purpose does the presenter’s presence serve?

11.  Can you remember a documentary where voiceover, archival footage, location shooting, interviews had been incorporated?

12.  Has watching a documentary changed your perceptions on a given topic?

13.  Can you think of an example of a documentary when the information given was biased or not totally reliable? Where both words and images had been manipulated?

14.  Must documentaries always tell the truth? Must it always be objective?

15.  Can you think of a documentary that provides insight into the Spanish Transition / Global Warming / our planet / Cuban boat people /stories from the Bible?


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