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  1. When did the first Polynesian arrive on Easter Island?

2. What did the palm trees provide the Polynesian colonists with? What did this enable them to do?

3. When did they start building huge statuary?

4. What remains can be seen at the top of the 1000-foot high cliff?

5. Why were the frigate birds considered mysterious and sacred?

6. What can be found among the carvings of supernatural birds?

7. What lies offshore from Morongo?

8. What did the arrival of the birds symbolize?

9. What did the great man who had been presented with the egg do in the year following the race?

10. Who was this great man the representative of?

11. Where was he buried? What was put up in his memory?

12. Why did the islanders cut down the forests that covered the island?

13. What happened once they had cut down the last tree?

14. Why did war break out among clans?


Barren: unable to produce plants or fruit. Not productive. Yermo, baldío, estéril

Carving: a shape or pattern cut into wood or stone or the skill of doing this. Talla, escultura.

Fluke: (INFORMAL) Something good that has happened that is the result of chance instead of skill or planning. Casualidad.

Islet: a small island.

Offshore: Located at a distance from the shore. A poca distancia de la costa.

To be marooned: left in a place from which you cannot escape. Quedar aislado, abandonado.

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