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Tick A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

Example: A I liked the play.
B So ________ I.

A  do          B  was          C  did

1   The thief admitted ________ the money.

A  to steal          B  stealing          C  steal

2   This time tomorrow, I ________ lying on a tropical beach.

A  ’ve been          B  ’ll be          C  am

3   It’s very dusty here right now because the office next door ________ redecorated.

A  being          B  is          C is  being

4   I didn’t ________ like spicy food, but now I eat it every day.

A  use to          B  used to          C  use

5   I speak Spanish, but my parents ________.

A  do          B  doesn’t          C  don’t

6   You went to Iceland last year, ________ you?

A  didn’t          B  weren’t          C  aren’t

7   I can’t ________ used to my new schedule. It’s so confusing.

A  be          B  get          C  do

8   You don’t look well. You’d ________ go to the doctor’s.

A  should          B  must          C  better

9   You shouldn’t ________ that email when you were angry. It really hurt his feelings.

A  send          B  sent          C  have sent

10   He has a ________ car, which he drives much too fast.

A  big red German          B  German red big          C  red German big

11   We bought ________ for our flat.

A  new furniture          B  new furnitures          C  furnitures new

12   The boat sailed across ________ Pacific Ocean.

A  (–)          B  the          C  a

13   I read English newspapers ________ forget my English.

A  so as not to          B  to not          C  so as not

14   Do you know what time ________?

A  starts the party          B  the party starts          C  does start the party

15   Take my phone with you in case you ________ to call.

A  needs          B  ’ve need          C  need

16   The kids promised not ________ about the surprise party.

A  tell          B  to tell          C  telling

17   I arrived at school half an hour late and class ________.

A  was started          B  had started          C  started

18   I’ll tell you as soon as I ________ to my father.

A  ’ve talked          B  would have talked          C  talked

19   We ________ the bedroom painted at the moment.

A  ’re doing          B  have          C  ’re having

20   You can’t ________ left your phone at the hotel. We used it to call a taxi.

A  haven’t          B  have          C  had

21   The woman with ________ I worked in Barcelona now lives in London.

A  whom          B  who          C  which

22   It was ________ a rainy day we decided to go to the cinema.

A  very          B  so          C  such

23   ________ the plane departed late, we arrived in Hawaii on time.

A  In spite          B  Although          C  Despite

24   ________ are famous for being friendly.

A  The Thais          B  Thai          C  The Thai people

25   ________ of us went to Paris. We all stayed at home.

A  Some          B  None          C  Neither




a   Tick (ü) A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

Example: I’ve got a terrible ________ in my knee.

A  pain  ü     B  ache          C  hurt

1   I felt very ________ when I was late for her wedding.

A  furious          B  embarrassed          C  loose

2   ________ is a big problem in some cities.

A  Poorness          B  Poor          C  Poverty

3   Her brother is 18, but he behaves like a child. He’s very ________.

A  fresh          B  guilty          C  immature

4   Nike is a ________ company.

A  multinational          B  nation          C  national

5   Albert Einstein was a very famous ________. He was a genius.

A  scientific          B  science          C  scientist

6   The person who directs an orchestra is called a ________.

A  rapper          B  conductor          C  composer

7   I’m ________ with my new bicycle.

A  delighted          B  delighting          C  delightful

8   They can’t catch the robbers because there were no ________.

A  judges          B  criminals          C  witnesses

9   A ________ is someone who writes about the good and bad qualities of books, concerts, food, etc.

A  reporter          B  freelance journalist          C  critic

10   I burnt myself on the fire and now I’ve got a big ________.

A  blister          B  rash          C  bruise

11   That hat really ________ you. You look like a film star.

A  matches          B  suits          C  fit

12   You can only carry one piece of ________ on the plane with you.

A  baggage          B  luggages          C  handbag

13   When I was at school, I learnt lots of poems by ________.

A  remember          B  mind          C  heart

14   I had a very deep cut on my head. I needed to have ________.

A  scan          B  a needle          C  stitches

15   It’s really ________ when people arrive late for an appointment.

A  irritating          B  irritate          C  irritated

16   Bert is a bit down in the ________. He was sacked yesterday.

A  sad          B  dumps          C  low

17   Pull your socks ________ or you won’t pass your exams.

A  down          B  up          C  (–)

18   The airport was closed because of a ________.

A  snowing          B  cloudy          C  blizzard

19   You use your ________ to breathe.

A  lungs          B  heart          C  stomach

20   A person who plays the drums is called a ________.

A  drum player          B  drummist          C  drummer

21   Eugene’s company ________ a good profit last year.

A  made          B  did          C  had

22   We were relieved when Ellie got off the plane because we’d been ________ her to miss the flight.

A  expecting          B  waiting          C  hoping

23   I don’t believe what I see on the TV news. I think it’s very ________.

A  accurate          B  biased          C  objective

24   The thief was ________ guilty and sent to prison.

A  made          B  sentenced          C  found

25   Are you cold? You’re ________.

A  shivering          B  melting          C  sweating




Grammar and Vocabulary total   50



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