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1.    When was Goya born?

2.    What was the Spanish response to Napoleon’s invasion of Spain?

3.    What was the conflict that resulted like?

4.    What was Goya’s response to this conflict?

5.    What do these paintings convey?

6.    Why did Goya withdraw from the world?

7.    What are the Black Paintings the expression of?

8.    What are the Black Paintings full of?

9.    Why did the Black Paintings survive?

10. What are the faces of the pilgrims from the painting like?

11. Where did Goya hang Saturn Devouring his Son?


ETCHING: a picture produced by printing from a metal plate which has been etched with acid. Grabado, aguafuerte.

CANVAS: a piece of strong, rough cloth used by artists for painting on, usually with oil paints, or the painting itself. Lienzo.


1. 1746.

2. A new kind of guerrilla warfare that relied on ambush and surprise.

3. there were no rules left, no chivalry, no honour. Women and children were murdered; there was mass rape; corpses were mutilated.

4. 85 etchings: the Disasters of War.

5. A terrible sense of building, growing atrocity.

6. He was convinced of Man’s inhumanity, of the wrath of God, the death of God.

7. Of his dispair.

8. They are full of nightmarish visions of witches, frenzied violence and devil worship.

9. Because they were painstakingly transferred to canvas seventy years after his death.

10. Twisted; they are like clay formed by a child; they look like lunatics that had got out of the asylum.

11. On the wall of his dining-room.


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