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1.    What happened on the 26 November 1963?

2.    What was C. S. Lewis’ pet name?

3.    What has C. S. Lewis inspired children to do?

4.    How long has it taken to get C. S. Lewis’ house, the Kilns[1], restored?

5.    What did Lewis and his wife love about their house?

6.    What had the house formerly been?

7.    What did C. S. Lewis and his brother use to do in the winter?

8.    What was he made aware of very early in life?

9.    How was the house held together, according to Lewis?

10. What were their black-out curtains made from?

11. What did he write at the Kilns?

12. What did he write with?

13. What is C. S. Lewis best known for?

14. What were the Chronicles of Narnia originally inspired by?

[1] The Kilns: the name of C. S. Lewis’ home from 1930 to 1963.


1. He was lain to rest / He was buried.

2. Jack.

3. to search the backs of wardrobes in the hope of discovering the land of Narnia.

4. 7 years.

5. the setting and the nature around it.

6. brick works.

7. They used to go ice-skating.

8. of books.

9. with books and cobwebs.

10. from old army blankets.

11. The Chronicles of Narnia, the Space Trilogy.

12. With an ink pen.

13. For his children’s fantasy novels, the Chronicles of Narnia.

14. By the arrival of three school children evacuated from London during the war.

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