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1.    Why was silence observed across the region at this time of the day?

2.    What is meant to be remembered on this day?

3.    What did the biggest single show of respect in Anglia consist of?

4.    How many services have been held at Colchester throughout the day?

5.    How many minutes of silence have been observed?

6.    How many soldiers based in Colchester have been killed in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq recently?

7.    Why have the families of the fallen soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq gathered in Colchester?

8.    What should this period of reflection provide for the soldiers?

9.    What does the plaque the widow of Corporal Bryan Budd unveiled commemorate?

10.  What mixed emotions have the relatives of the fallen soldiers been feeling?

11.  Who joined the two-minute silence in Bedford’s market square?

12.  What were centre MK customers asked to do in Milton Keynes?

13.  Who did the people in the cathedral square in Peterborough pay their respects to?

14.  What does the Elizabeth Cross recognize?

15.  Why does Dan Shirley‘s mother think that troops should not be pulled out of Afghanistan?

16.  What did Jem and Bob Wright unveil?


To unveil: to remove a curtain-like covering from a new statue, etc. at a formal ceremony in order to show the opening or completion of a new building or work of art.

uplift: improvement of a person’s moral or spiritual condition.

Passing: the death of someone or something.


1. To mark Armistice Day.

2. The people who have fallen in the name of their country. // The passing of the generations who died in the war.

3. 2000 troops gathered on the parade square at Colchester barracks.

4. 3.

5. 2.

6. 25

7. to pay silent tribute.

8. a sense of uplift for them.

9. the renaming of the gymnasium in his honour.

10. sadness and a sense of uplifting.

11. the Town’s new mayor.

12. To respect the silence.

13. To the war dead.

14. The sacrifices that families and soldiers make.

15. Dan would have died in vain.

16. A portrait of their son who died in Afghanistan in 2006.



  1. Thank you Cristina for uploading the listening you do in your class.It’s a help for all we can’t attend the class.


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