Posted by: crisdiaz24 | February 23, 2011




1.     What blockbuster[1] historical films have been released recently?

2.     What are the characteristics of historical films as for…?

a.     length

b.     costumes

c.     speech

d.     behaviour

e.     etiquette

3.     Why are most all historical films inaccurate in some ways?

4.     Is there any bias in historical films?

5.     Can you think of modern examples of propaganda in historical films?

6.     What do the following films have in common?

o    Cleopatra

o    The fall of the Roman Empire

o    Braveheart

o    The Ten Commandments

o    Ben-Hur

o    Quo Vadis

7.     What differences can you find between the films mentioned above and the following movies?

o    Gladiator

o    Troy

o    Alexander

8.     Can you name any historical films set…

o    In Biblical times?

o    In The Middle Ages?

o    In Classical antiquity?

o    During the Renaissance?

o    Between 1910 and 1940?

o    During WWII?

o    After the Second World War?

o    In present times?

9.     Can you name any swashbuckler [2]movies?

10.   Can films be used as historical evidence?

11.   Do historical films make good or bad history?

12.   Do you prefer watching documentaries to historical drama?

[1] Blockbuster: a book or film that is very successful, especially because of its exciting contents.

[2] Swashbuckler: behaving in a brave and exciting way, especially like a fighter in the past, with a lot of sword fighting scenes.


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