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1.    What year did the Titanic set off on her maiden voyage?

2.    Who were some of her passengers?

3.    How much did their common assets amount to?

4.    What was the atmosphere onboard like?

5.    How did the fourteen-year-old boy feel about travelling onboard the Titanic?

6.    What does the elderly gentleman say about getting about the ship?

7.    What were the dining-rooms, staterooms and common rooms furnished with?

8.    What gave the alarm about the iceberg?

9.    Where did the elderly gentleman find his lifebelt?

10.  What did the elderly lady do before leaving her cabin?

11.  What was she wearing when she left the ship?

12.  Was the music playing as the ship went down?

13.  Why was Arthur Lewis, the bedroom steward, saved?

14.  Why didn’t the people in Arthur Lewis’s lifeboat talk to one another?

15.  How many people were travelling on the Titanic?

16.  How many were saved?


ASSET: Any item of economic value owned by an individual or corporation, especially that which could be converted to cash. Activo.

BUNK: A narrow bed built like a shelf into or against a wall, as in a ship’s cabin.

BUCKLE: A clasp for fastening two ends, as of straps or a belt, in which a device attached to one of the ends is fitted or coupled to the other.

DAVIT: Any of various types of small cranes that project over the side of a ship and are used to hoist boats, anchors, and cargo.

GHASTLY: Inspiring shock, revulsion, or horror by or as if by suggesting death; terrifying.

MAIDEN VOYAGE: the first regular service voyage of a ship.

STATEROOM: A private cabin or compartment with sleeping accommodations on a ship or train. Camarote.

STEERAGE CLASS: In some ships the second-class passengers are called steerage passengers. Tercera clase.

TO GET ABOUT / AROUND: to walk, to circulate.

TRUNK: a large strong case that is used for storing clothes and personal possessions, often when travelling or going to live in a new place

WHOPPER: 1. anything uncommonly large of its kind. Enorme, tremendo.



1. 1912.

2. Many of the wealthy and influential / emigrants.

3. 120,000,000 pounds.

4. Stiff, very formal, there was no “get-together” feeling.

5. Honoured.

6. They were not allowed to get about any  part of the ship . except the ones assigned to them

7. With furniture in various periods and styles.

8. three rings on the bell.

9. In one of the first class cabins.

10. She locked every window, every trunk in her three staterooms, and took the 19 keys with her.

11. Velvert evening slippers, a wool cap, two fox furs, no underwear, no stockings, a broad tail coat, diamond buckles.

12. No, it wasn’t.

13. Because he had to row one of the lifeboats.

14. Because they didn’t know one another, so they couldn’t get in conversation.

15. 2206.

16. 703.


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