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This restaurant was opened just two weeks ago after an _______________ (extend) and detailed programme of _______________ (restore) and _______________ (renew) of one of the oldest buildings in town. The exact age of the building was _______________ (know) until foundations were discovered which date back to the fifteenth century. At one point the building work was halted so that _______________ (archaeology) could carry out excavations. Some of the interesting _______________ (discover) they made are now on display in the restaurant.

There has been a beautiful and _______________ (effect) integration of the traditional building and the modern restaurant. It has a charming and _______________ (romance) atmosphere where customers can relax and enjoy their meals. An _______________ (add) attraction is the large garden which has room for fifty customers to enjoy al fresco eating in the summer months.


Mycenae is one of the oldest and most ___________ (impress) archaeological sites in Europe. Excavations on it began ___________ (relative) recently, round about 1841, when the Lion Gate was discovered. The famous Lion Gate is ___________ (rectangle) in shape and has huge gateposts about 10 feet high. Across these there is a ___________ (mass) lintel (dintel) – that’s the ___________ (horizon) part that goes over the door.

Above that there is a ___________ (triangle) slab (losa, bloque, placa) which is 12 feet wide at its base and 10 feet high. On the triangle, there are two lions ___________ (face) each other. ___________ (fortune), the lions have lost their heads. The lions must have looked magnificent ___________ (origin), but their heads have simply ___________ (appear) over the ages. These lions probably had a religious ___________ (signify) in their day.


Heron of Alexandria was one of the greatest ________(invent) of all time. He lived around AD 60 in Alexandria, Egypt, then the centre of __________ (science) discovery in the Greek and Roman world. Heron was __________ (extreme) skilled at designing __________ (marvel) machines, some of which had practical purposes and others which were created just to astonish. His inventions included ­__________ (machine) birds which sang, an __________ (amaze) solar-powered fountain and a coin-operated slot machine which gave out holy water at temples. His most famous __________ (create) was the first steam engine. The engine could achieve the __________ (believe) speed of 1,500 revolutions per minute, but __________ (fortune) it was not very efficient. To generate power equal to the __________ (strong) of one man required an enormous amount of fuel. If he had not __________ (weak) his health by doing dangerous experiments, Heron might have gone on to develop a better steam engine.


The ____________________ (DISCOVER) of a secret tunnel beneath a Nottingham museum could prove that one of history’s most famous legends was a flesh-and-blood reality. The tunnel may have been used by Robin Hood to escape from the Sheriff of Nottingham to the ____________________ (SAFE) of Sherwood Forest. For centuries ____________________ (HISTORY) have questioned the ____________________ (EXIST) of Robin, dismissing him as a romanticised figure who ____________________ (SYMBOL) the hopes of the poor in their struggle against the rich. The ____________________ (ACCIDENT) unearthing of the passageway by archaeologists excavating some man-made caves may cause them to rethink their views. The tunnel is blocked so its exact length is ____________________ (KNOW), though it could stretch for three miles, from St Mary’s Church to the city’s outskirts. According to medieval documents, Robin and his men ____________________ (MYSTERY) disappeared from the church after being surrounded there by the Sheriff’s soldiers.


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