Posted by: a2cristina | March 11, 2011



1.    In your opinion, what are the five most important domestic appliances or household gadgets invented in the XXth or XXIst Centuries?

2. What hi-tech gadgets are our homes filled with these days?

3. In what ways have these appliances and gadgets changed our everyday lives?

4. Could you do without any of them?

5. Which one(s) could you NOT possibly do without?

6. Which one(s) do you use the most?

7. In the case all the gadgets or inventions mentioned in the above questions were electrical, what would happen if we ran out of electrical current and went back to XIXth century conditions?

8. Can these appliances or gadgets cause any problems? If so, what is the downside of having them?

9. As far as electronic appliances are concerned, will our lives be different in the future? What will our living spaces be like?

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