Posted by: crisdiaz24 | March 11, 2011



1. How many mobile phones have you had?

2. What do you use your mobile phone for? How often do you use it?

3. In what ways have mobile phones changed our lives?

4. What factors affect you most in buying a mobile phone: its function, its design, its price, others?

5. Do you use pre-paid cards or do you have a long term contract? What are their pros and cons?

6. Are mobiles easy to use? Why is it so difficult for elderly people to learn how to use mobiles?

7. Do we make a good use of mobiles? What benefits can derive from using a mobile phone? What problems have you ever experienced in your use of mobile phones?

8. Are there any circumstances or situations when you cannot stand mobiles ringing?

9. What do you think of people speaking on their mobiles at the cinema? On the bus? At the bus stop?

10. How often do you use SMS?

11. Are mobile phone calls cheap or expensive?

12. Do you think landline phones may one day disappear?



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