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0.    What is the underground car park at the Swiss Embassy in London likely to end up as?

An international monument

1.    What sculpture did Banksy manage to put in Disneyland?

2.    What material did Banksy start creating his works on?

3.    What stand do the exhibition organizers wish to make at the Andipa Gallery in Knightsbridge?

4.    What has the movement taking place in the urban street culture turned into?

5.    What is the real act of “anarchy” Banksy does?

6.    What are Banksy’s works not suitable for?

7.    What types of works are exhibited in Knightsbridge?

–       Some of his ________________.

–       Works taken from ________________.

8.    What happens when you see Banksy’s work out of context?

9.    What reactions do Banksy’s works provoke on people?

10.  What is Banksy against?


CLAD: (of people) dressed, or (of things) covered.

PRINT: a photographic copy of a painting, or a picture made by pressing paper onto a special surface covered in ink, or a single photograph from a film. Copia, grabado.

STAND: an opinion, especially one which is public. TO MAKE A STAND: to make a determined effort to defend something or to stop something from happening.

COMPLICIT: involved. Associated with or participating in a questionable act or a crime; having complicity.

FLIPPANT: not serious about a serious subject, in an attempt to be amusing or to appear clever.

USP: ABBREVIATION FOR unique selling proposition: a feature of a product that makes it different from and better than other similar products and that can be emphasized in advertisements for the product.


1. A Guantanamo prisoner.

2. canvas.

3. Street art should remain on the streets. (It is made for people on the street).

4. A new pop art.

5. He gives art for free.

6. It is not suitable for staring at inb your drawing room. It is not to be put on the wall.

7. some of his prints.

Works taken from the streets (and put in this gallery).

8. It loses an incredible amount of power.

9. People laugh. They make people think. They find them interesting.

10. The advertisements we see every day.


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