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Read the following text and choose which of the sentences below fits into the numbered gaps. There are three extra sentences which do not fit in any of the gaps. Blank 0 has been answered as an example.


Even though artwork by the British graffiti artist Banksy is popular with celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera, (0) ________________, pure and simple. On Oct. 23, the Council of Westminster in London ordered the removal of a 23 ft (7 m) Banksy mural — reportedly [1]his largest work in central London — claiming that it encourages graffiti.

In an exclusive statement to TIME, the mysterious guerrilla prankster [2]has responded to the council’s decision. “I don’t know what next door is complaining about — their building is so ugly the ‘No Trespassing’ [3]sign reads like an insult,” the statement reads, referring to Royal Mail, a tenant [4]of the building that has sought the mural’s removal. In light of several other recent controversies over Banksy’s outdoor works, this removal is further indication of the challenges that can arise (1) ________________.

While Banksy made his name — or, rather, pseudonym — painting stenciled [5]political and satirical images out-of-doors, in recent years his commercial pieces, including drawings, paintings and installations, (2) ________________. At the same time, Banksy continues to create the street artwork he’s famous for. The Westminster piece depicts a child in a red, hooded sweatshirt on a ladder painting the slogan “One Nation Under CCTV[6]” in large letters, as a U.S.-style police officer with a camera and a dog stand nearby. CCTV is Britain’s system of closed-circuit public surveillance cameras. Ironically, Banksy (3) ________________.

There is currently a dispute over who owns the wall: Royal Mail, which wants the mural removed, or the property investment firm Searchgrade, which filed [7]papers to keep the mural, claiming it’s an advertisement, according to councilor David Boothroyd, who served on the planning committee that decided the mural should go. The council denied Searchgrade’s request and (4) ________________. If it turns out to be Searchgrade, the company may appeal the decision and, ultimately, the mural could stay. Boothroyd guesses that the process will take a few more months.

Even if it saved the artwork, Banksy, forever the contrarian [8]rebel, (5) ________________, and in his statement says he was “offended” by the suggestion. “Advertising makes people feel inadequate and worthless. Graffiti doesn’t do that. Graffiti doesn’t emotionally blackmail you, graffiti doesn’t make you feel fat and graffiti doesn’t make you rush out and buy things — except maybe high-strength [9]cleaning products,” the statement reads.

a)   completed the work with an actual CCTV camera overhead

b)  doesn’t want his art classified as an advertisement

c)   have sold at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars

d)  is working to determine the wall’s true owner

e)   it enjoys great success with the public and the critics alike

f) some regard the artist’s street works to be vandalism

g)   takes a stand against advertising

h)   when a famous artist uses private property as his canvas

i)    when an artist hangs his paintings on a wall
















[1] Reportedly People say that…

[2] Prankster: someone who performs pranks on people. Prank: a trick that is intended to be amusing but not to cause harm or damage.

[3] To trespass: to go onto someone’s land or enter their building without permission.

[4] Tenant: a person who pays rent for the use of land or a building.

[5] Stencil: a piece of card, plastic, metal, etc. into which shapes have been cut, and which is used to draw or paint patterns onto a surface.

[6] CCTV: ABBREVIATION FOR closed-circuit television: a system which sends television signals to a limited number of screens, and is often used in shops as protection against thieves.

[7] To file: LEGAL to officially record something especially in a law court. to make an official request for something.

[8] Contrarian: a person who takes an opposing view, especially one who rejects the majority opinion, as in economic matters.

[9] High-strength: which exhibits good strength and is relatively inexpensive.


1. C

2. A

3. D

4. E

5. F


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