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0.       What has our sense of taste  stopped us from doing?

To prevent us from poisoning.

1.       Why are these scuba divers 40 foot under the sea in the Bahamas?

2.       What do sharks have a reputation for?

3.       In spite of what do the people in the documentary like Stilton cheese?

In spite of the fact that there is __________ dripping off it.

And ________________ growing through it.

4.       What have the duck eggs been buried in?

5.       What would the Briton in the documentary do if he ate another piece of the 1000-year-old egg?

6.       What do the Pei-Dan lovers in the documentary think of Stilton cheese?

7.       What can of food do koala bears have an only taste for?

8.       Where do koalas get the water from?

9.       Why is the koala bear threatened with extinction?


Garbage can: dustbin.

Garbage: (UK rubbish) waste material or unwanted things that you throw away.

Mouldy: covered with mould.

Pei-Dan eggs: a type of duck egg which is also called “The thousand-year-old egg”.

Picky: describes someone who is very careful about choosing only what they like.

To gag: to experience the sudden uncomfortable feeling of tightness in the throat and stomach that makes you feel you are going to vomit.





1. To do a taste test.

2. For being the garbage cans of the sea.

3. In spite of the fact that there is SWEAT dripping off it.

And MOULD growing through it.

4. Ash, tea, lime and salt.

5. He would throw up / vomit / be sick.

6. Even the look of it worries them./ It tastes like something rotten / something gone off. It’s disgusting.

7. (only a certain type of) eucalyptus.

8. From the leaves they eat.

9. Because they refuse to try new tastes.


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