Posted by: a2cristina | April 10, 2011




1.     Did you hear those dogs __________ (bark) most of the night?

2.     I noticed him __________ (throw) a sweet wrapper on the floor, so I asked him it pick it up.

3.     I was able to watch them __________ (build) the new car park from my office window.

4.     I watched him __________  (climb) through the window, and then I called the police.

5.     I heard the baby __________ (cry) for most of the night.

6.     I felt the snake __________ (bite) me and saw it slither off into the bushes.

7.     When you came out of the station, did you notice the children __________ (play) musical instruments across the street?

8.     I noticed her quickly __________ (slip) the necklace inside her coat and leave the shop.

9.     Vicky heard someone __________ (close) the door.

10.    We found Matthew __________ (exercise) in the gym.

11.   I watched Nick __________ (light) a cigarette.

12.   She saw a man __________ (lie) in the street.

13.   He heard the bomb __________ (explode).

14.   I saw a woman __________ (cry). She was in a terrible state.


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