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Coach: a long motor vehicle with comfortable seats, used to take groups of people on journeys.

To put up: to raise something, or to fix something in a raised position.

To set out: to arrange something, usually a number of things, in an attractive or organized way.

Backpacker: a person who travels with a backpack. Backpack: a rucksack.

To prescribe: to tell someone what they must have or do; to give something as a rule.

The foreground: the people, objects, countryside, etc. in a picture or photograph that seem nearest to you and form its main part.

Icon: a very famous person or thing considered as representing a set of beliefs or a way of life.

To glow: to produce a continuous light and sometimes heat.

To witness: to see something happen.

Shattered: knackered; extremely tired.

Dawn: the period in the day when light from the sun begins to appear in the sky.

To check out: to examine.

To wander: o walk around slowly in a relaxed way or without any clear purpose or direction.

Grumpy: easily annoyed and complaining.

Consumer goods: Goods, such as food and clothing, which satisfy human wants through their direct consumption or use.

Affordable: not expensive.

Obsolete: not in use any more, having been replaced by something newer and better or more fashionable.

To endure: to continue to exist for a long time.

To set sby apart: If a quality or characteristic sets someone/something apart, it shows them to be different from, and usually better than, others of the same type.

Tick: √

To pencil: to write.

Highlight: the best or most exciting, entertaining or interesting part of something.

To reproach sby: to criticize someone, especially for not being successful or not doing what is expected.

IN the end:

Reef: a line of rocks or sand just above or just below the surface of the sea, often dangerous to ships.

Great Barrier Reef: Gran Arrecife de Coral.

To rank: to have a position higher or lower than others, or to be considered to have such a position.

Waterproof: not allowing water to go through.

Stern: severe, or showing disapproval.

Whilst: While.

To forestall: to prevent something from happening by acting first.

Aussie: Australian, or an Australian person.

Mate: used as a friendly way of addressing someone, especially a man.

Tiny: extremely small.

Scenery: the general appearance of natural surroundings, especially when these are beautiful.

To put down: to put an object that you are holding onto the floor or onto another surface, or to stop carrying someone. To stop holding.



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