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Read the following text and choose which of the sentences below fits into the numbered gaps. There are three extra sentences which do not fit in any of the gaps. Blank 0 has been answered as an example.




Catalonia has become the first region in mainland Spain to ban bullfighting in an historic move sparked by animal rights activists.

Its parliament voted to outlaw the practice on the grounds 0) ________________.

The decision came after campaign group Prou! (Enough! in Catalan) collected 180,000 signatures 1) ________________.

Following a debate this morning, the 135-seat Catalan parliament voted in favour of a ban.

It was a closely fought contest with 68 votes for the ban, 55 against and nine abstentions.

The move to ban the “fiesta nacional” won international support from Pamela Anderson and Ricky Gervais, and animal rights activists claim 70 per cent of Spaniards oppose bullfighting.

But supporters argued it is a noble art form 2) ________________. They predict the Catalonia will lose £250 million-a-year when it bullfighting is prohibited.

Catalonia has only one functioning bullring, the Plaza de Toros Monumental in Barcelona, 3) ________________, out of the 1,000 held annually across the country.

While Madrid’s bullring, the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas, is often packed to its 25,000 capacity and holds 350 bullfights a year, 4) ________________.

For that reason the tourist industry opposed the ban.

Catalonia, one of 17 autonomous communities in Spain, has a strong independence movement and has its own language, police force and parliament and a population of 7.5 million.

Catalan nationalists have been accused of hijacking the anti-bullfighting campaign for political purposes, to stress their independence from Madrid.

Critics in Madrid claim the ban has little to do with animal rights and more to do with 5) ________________.

The vote has sparked a furious debate in Spain and dominated today’s front pages of the national press.

The ban comes into force in 2012, and activists hope it will lead to further bans in other regions of Spain.

The Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the coast of North-West Africa, banned bullfighting in 1991, but the practice was never popular there.

Adapted from© The Sun, 28 Jul 2010

a)     against the prohibition, considering the tradition to be “Spanish” and not “Catalan”

b)    asserting political independence from Spain’s capital

c)     Barcelona’s is often half empty and many of the seats are taken by tourists

d)    in favour of a ban in the north-eastern region which includes Barcelona.

e)     that is to be converted into a shopping centre

f)      that it is cruel and outdated

g)     which generates £2 billion-a-year for the Spanish economy

h)    which holds around 15 bullfights per year

i)       which symbolises beauty and death going hand by hand

O: f







0: F

1. D

2: G

3: H

4: C

5: B


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