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  1. This winter in Barcelona has been cold and miserable.
  2. The dismal state of the economy has done nothing to _______________ people’s mood.
  3. Street vendors have been selling ________________ for years.
  4. Street vendors carry blankets with ________________ attached to them, so that they can turn them into a ________________ and run away more easily.
  5. If the police catch the street vendors, these can face ________________ in prison, plus a fine of ________________.
  6.  In addition, all their goods get ________________.
  7. What immigrants want is to ________________ in Europe.
  8. Cash converters are a kind of pawnshop, where you are given ________________ in return for the things you bring in.
  9. Immigrants and Spanish people alike are given food weekly from their ________________.
  10. Venanzio Bericco had never heard of Spain until ________________.
  11. What Venanzio does is to walk everywhere and hand out his ________________.
  12. In just 48 hours, Juan Domínguez got a pile of CVs, mainly from ________________ to work in JJ Restaurant.
  13. When Abdullah, from Gambia, arrived in the country, he thought Spain was ________________.


DISMAL: sad and without hope.

PAWNSHOP: a shop where a pawnbroker operates their business. PAWNBROKER: a person who lends money in exchange for items which they can sell if the person leaving them does not pay an agreed amount of money in an agreed time.

KNOCKOFF: a cheap copy of a popular product.

RÉSUMÉ: American English for CV.


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