Posted by: a2cristina | May 17, 2011



Talk about the following topics. Begin your sentences with What – cleft sentences. Speak about what:

–         you think will happen on the 22nd may.

–         you like about English.

 –         you like about learning foreign languages.

 –         you would like to do on your next holiday.

 –         you would change to improve the Spanish educational system.

 –         you would teach your children so that they could become decent human beings.

 –         you will do this evening.

 –         you would do this evening if you had more free time.

 –         you will do when you pass your English exam.

 –         you think will happen to Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

 –         you enjoy doing in your free time.

–         you admire the most about politicians

–         you can’t stand about politicians.

–         you find difficult about English.

 –         you find easy about English.

 –         you think will happen in Libya.

–         surprises you about people.

–         annoys you about people.

–         fascinates you about your favourite actor / singer.

–         you hate most about winter.

–         you hate most about men.

–         you hate most about women.

–         you find annoying about your family.

–         annoys you most about Christmas.

–         you usually do when you get angry.

–         you like best (or least) about Santander.

–         you really fancy doing next weekend.

–         you would love to eat or drink now.

–         you did yesterday.

–         you want from life.

–         you need to do today.

–         you’d like to believe in.

–         the world needs now.

–         would almost certainly help you improve your English.

–         makes young people today different from their parents.

–         you will be doing in five years’ time.


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