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Click here to do an exercise on vocabulary related to SPORTS:

SPORTS multiple choice


1. a

2. b

3. a

4. c


6. c

7. d

8. a

9. a

10. c

11. a

12. a

13. d

14. c

15. a

16. a

17. d

18. c

19. b

20. c

21. a

22. c

23. b

1. To beat somebody // To win something // to gain weight / confidence.

2. One IN four or One OUT OF four.

3. A tennis / badminton / basketball / squash COURT.

A cricket / football / hockey / rugby PITCH.

TRACKS: Athletics, races.

RINK: skating.

4. To TAKE UP: to start doing something.

5. To OUTDO: to be more successful than somebody at something.

10. AUDIENCE: at a play, at a concert / show / the cinema / listening to a public speaker.


SPECTATORS: at sporting events.

13: TO HEAD FOR // TO APPROACH a place // to ARRIVE IN / AT.

14: OVERPASS: a bridge that carries a road or railway over another road.

OVETAKE: to come from behind another vehicle or a person and move in front of it.

To OVERCOME: to defeat or succeed in controlling or dealing with something.

To OVERCHARGE: to charge someone either more than the real price or more than the value of the product or service.

15: To CHASE somebody: to hurry after someone or something in order to catch them.

To RUSH somewhere.

16. To AVOID + -ing.

To PREVENT somebody from doing something.

To abandon somebody.

to REFUSE to do something.

17. To CRAWL: to move slowly or with difficulty, especially (of a person) with the body stretched out along the ground or on hands and knees.

To LEAN: to (cause to) slope in one direction, or to move the top part of the body in a particular direction.

18. To be BANNED from doing something.

19. To COME first / second / third.

20. To LOB: to throw something so that it goes quite high in the air.

21: to ROW: remar.

OARS: remos.

Fishing ROD: caña de pescar.

Clubs: golf clubs.



  1. Hola Cristina,
    estoy en la EEOOII de Leganés y me encanta tu post, lo que no encuentro son las soluciones de los ejercicios que nos remites a través del correo, como puedo acceder a ellos???


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