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Read the text and complete the chart below with a word from the list that comes after the text. Every word can only be used ONCE. There are FIVE words that you do not need to use. Question 0 has been answered as an example.



Ann Patchett is an American author whose novels often portrayed the intersecting lives of characters from disparate 0) ________________.

When Patchett was six years old, her family moved to Nashville, Tenn., where she was 1) ________________ and where she made her home. She obtained a B.A[1]. degree (1984) from Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, N.Y., and an M.F.A. [2](1987) from the University of Iowa. Her first work of fiction was published while she was an 2) ________________. From the beginning of her career, she won numerous awards for her writing, and in 1994 she received a Guggenheim fellowship[3].

Though she was 3) ________________ published as a short-story writer and essayist, Patchett became best known for her novels. Her first novel, The Patron Saint of Liars (1992), tells the story of a young pregnant woman who leaves the husband she does not love to travel to a home for 4) ________________ mothers. There, as her feelings change and she creates a new family, so do her plans for the future. The novel was adapted as a television movie in 1997. In Taft (1994) the black manager of a blues bar who is 5) ________________ the loss of his son finds a new family when he 6) ________________ a young white woman, Fay Taft, and becomes involved in the problems of her brother, Carl. Patchett also wrote a 7) ________________ adaptation of the novel. The Magician’s Assistant (1997) relates the discoveries of the widow of a homosexual magician named Parsifal. The woman, who also had been her husband’s assistant, visits the family he had never told her of and learns about his past.

With her fourth novel, Bel Canto, Patchett established her prominence among contemporary writers. The novel, 8) ________________ somewhere in South America, explores relationships between terrorists and 9) ________________ who, shut off from the rest of the world, find unexpected bonds. One of the prisoners is a renowned operatic diva, and music becomes the medium by which the characters in the novel communicate. The novel received the PEN/Faulkner Award and the Orange Prize for Fiction and was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award.

In 2005 Patchett published her first full-length volume of nonfiction writing, Truth and Beauty, a 10) ________________ recounting her friendship with the writer Lucy Grealy, who died of a drug overdose in 2002. Patchett returned to fiction with her next book, Run (2007), which explores the relationship between an ambitious father and his two sons.

[1] B.A.: Bachelor of Arts.

[2] MFA: Master’s Degree in Fine Arts.

[3] Fellowship: The financial grant made to a fellow in a college or university.

BACKGROUNDS      HOSTAGES                RAISED                       SINGLE

BROUGHT                 MEMOIR                    RENTED                      UNDERGRADUATE

GRADUATE               MEMORIES               SCREEN                      UNWED

HIRES                         MOURNING              SET                               WIDELY

0) backgrounds
1) __________
2) __________
3) __________
4) __________
5) __________
6) __________
7) __________
8) __________
9) __________
10) _________
0) backgrounds.
1) raised.
2) undergraduate.
3) widely.
4) unwed.
5) mourning.
6) hires.
7) screen.
8) set.
9) hostages.
10) memoir.

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