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  1. What was Marina Singh’s job?
  2. What has happened to Dr Anders Eckman?
  3. What was Dr Annick Swenson developing?
  4. What was Ann Patchett’s intention when she wrote the book?
  5. Why did she have to go to the Amazon?
  6. What did she think of the place during the first three days she stayed there?

7. How did she feel by the end of her journey?

8. Who or what influenced the most the way she wrote her novel?

9. Why did she write about certain issues?

10. Who are Jack and Barbara Bovender, the two Australians who are living in Manaus?

11. Who or what did Ann Patchett get information about Australia from?


1. Pharmacologist.

2. He has disappeared in the Amazon.

3. A lucarative important drug (which would ensure ever-lasting fertility for women).

4. She wanted to write about a teacherand a student who had not seen each other for 20 years. The student wants to please the teacher in any way he / she can. However, the teacher doesn’t remember her / him at all, after teaching  hundreds of students.

5. To do research.

6. Gorgeous, mythical and magical.

7. She would have sold her soul to get out of there. (She says it was overwhelming, buggy, snake-laden, hot and claustrophobic.)

8. Writers (Henry James, Evelyn Waugh), books (the Heart of Darkness, The Ambassadors; Handful of Dust), Myths (the Orpheus’ Myth), films (Fizcarraldo, Aguirre, the Wrath of God).

9. So that people would start thinking about them.

10. Australian bohemians who ware travelling around the world, and who are taking care of Dr Swenson’s appartment.

11. Nicole Kidman.


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