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I’ve heard of really unusual interviews, where the interviewer starts by lying down on the floor, and then waits for the person’s _______________ (react) to his behaviour. Apparently, the successful _______________ (apply) is the one who gets down on the floor and does the same thing! First _______________ (impress) mean a lot to interviewers, which can be very _______________ (fortune). In fact, one consultant claims that words contribute a _______________ (proportion) tiny 7% of the total message a person communicates, with tone of voice making up a further 38%. The rest is non-verbal – body language, _______________ (face) expression and clothes. You look for signs that show someone is being less than _______________ (true): they may touch their nose or scratch their ear, or start fiddling with a collar or tie. Arms and legs are _______________ (possible) difficult to control when a person is trying to mask emotions. This is known as _______________ (leak), so, for example, if someone crosses their arms or legs, it suggests suppressed aggression.


From: Advanced Masterclass CAE

          Aspinall, T. & Capel, A.



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