Posted by: crisdiaz24 | November 30, 2011




  1. According to a recent survey, children spend as much as ________________ a day using electronic devices.
  2. Children are better at multitasking than ________________.
  3. When doing two things at a time, our attention is not ________________ between one activity and the other, it ________________ between them.
  4. Every time we switch our attention, we ________________ where we were in the other task and what our ________________ were.
  5. Switching between tasks is easy if we can keep a lot of stuff ________________ simultaneously or if we are good at ________________ our attention quickly.
  6. Children have always been ________________ at multitasking.
  7. Studies show that homework is of ________________ when it is done with the TV on.
  8. Some research shows that listening to music without ________________ is fine; however, other studies show that ________________ is always bad.
  9. In conclusion, if you want to do something well, it is better to do ________________.

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