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  1. What does the term avant-garde generally refer to?


2. What adjectives are used in the video to qualify avant-garde art?

3. What did the military term originally mean?

4. When did the term ‘avant-garde’ start to be used to talk about innovative art?

5.  What does avant-garde art go against?

6. Why is Courbet’s Un enterrement à Ornans not avant-garde-looking to the modern viewer?

7. Why is the painting, however, considered avant-garde?

8. What was the public’s reaction to the painting?

9. What do we expect L’Éducation Sentimentale to be about after reading the title of the novel?

10. What are the main character’s failures?

11. When is there a peak in the avant-garde artistic activity?

12. What avant-garde movements are mentioned in the video?

13. What is the quintessential avant-garde movement?

14. Where was this movement born?




1.It refersto art, literature, music that works against convention.

2. strange, disconcerting, weird, innovative, oppositional.

3. Advanced guard /A group of soldiers that moved ahead of the main body of troups.

4. XIXth Century.

5. tradition / convention / the mainstream.

6. Because it is figurative (it is not abstract). It represents people and objects very clearly / because it is not difficult to figure out what is going on.

7. Because of its size and its massive scale. It represents an everyday life event rising to the level of a grand and monumentally history painting.

8. massive controversy.

9. about the education of a central character.

10. He doesn’t learn anything. He fails in his career, political ideas, in his love life.

11. Early XXth Century.

12. Fauve painting, cubism, Italian futurism.

13. Dada.

14. In Zurich.


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