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Read the following text and choose which of the sentences below fits into the numbered gaps. There are THREE  extra sentences which do not fit any of the gaps. Blank 0 has been answered as an example.


We all want to sail though life without anxiety, frustration or fear. But life isn’t like that. If we make our lives too comfortable, always avoiding unpleasant tasks, 0) __________. Because for one thing, those nasty, unpleasant jobs don’t go away when 1) __________. For another, whenever we try to avoid initial discomfort, we start to hate and fear anxieties and 2)__________. If we don’t go to the dentist with a slight toothache, we may end up suffering agonizing pain. We all know this and 3) __________. But how can we get ourselves into a positive frame of mind? We have to tell ourselves that we can stand the initial discomfort involved in doing a task right away. Although we may not like it, 4) __________ if we fear too much, we may end up restricting our lives to such an extent that eventually 5) __________. When we tell ourselves we can’t stand failing or being unpopular, we take even fewer risks and achieve even less. We can escape from these negative feelings if 6) __________. If, for example, we have a 5,000 word essay to write, we may not start at all because it is too daunting. But if we give ourselves ten minutes at the desk, we can at least make a start. Then we have already diminished the problem.
Taken from Fast Track to CAE ©Fiona Joseph and Peter Travis

A.    we become increasingly less able to cope with these feelings
B.    we break up difficult tasks into manageable chunks
C.    we can bear it
D.    we don’t do them
E.    we don’t like being told
F.    we end up causing ourselves more discomfort and anxiety
G.    we experience no excitement and joy because we fear risk and anxiety so much
H.    we know people may dislike us
I.    we make our wishes known
J.    we must give ourselves a reward for doing them

0    F






0 – F

1 – D

2 – A

3 – E

4 – C

5 – G

6 – B


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