Posted by: crisdiaz24 | January 27, 2012



1.    I have never been so insulted before! (Never)
2.    I had just got into bed when there was a knock at the door. (No sooner)
3.    I never said I would work extra hours. (At no time)
4.    I not only enjoy classical films but I also like modern cinema.
5.    I only understood the problem then.
6.    The teacher only commented on the situation after he had understood it.
7.    He has seldom seen anything stranger.
8.    He knew little about I.T.
9.    I didn’t know he was a compulsive liar. (Little)
10.    She doesn’t know they are throwing a surprise party for her. (Little)
11.    As soon as I arrived at the front door, I realized I had lost my keys.
12.    She didn’t say a single word. (Not)
13.    We will not have a long weekend until the 20th of February.
14.    I only realized I had already seen that film after it had started.
15.    The matter could be explained in no other way.
16.    We had hardly started to walk when it began to rain.
17.    I have seldom heard such beautiful singing.
18.    I shall never forget your kindness.
19.    I saw only then the danger we were in.
20.    As soon as we left the burning car, it exploded.
21.    There are no circumstances in which audience members may consume alcohol.
22.    Nobody has won so many matches for his team since 1994.
23.    We won’t consider you for the basketball team until you grow up. (Not until)
24.    The gang didn’t know that the police had them under surveillance. (Little)
25.    You can’t use my car at any time. (At no time)
26.    They started arguing soon after they had got married. (No sooner)
27.    I wouldn’t wear a mini-skirt under any circumstances.
28.    I have seldom seen such an exciting football match.
29.    I had hardly arrived when Messi and Villa scored two goals.
30.    He let me enter the Press conference when I showed him my press pass.
31.    The players were only allowed to talk to the TV reporters when they had changed into smarter clothes.


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