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Click on the following link to read  about the use of WOULD RATHER:


 Complete the following sentences in such a way that they are true for you. Give reasons why you chose to complete them in this way.

  • I’d rather be a(n) _______________ than a(n) _______________.
  • I’d rather not travel by _______________.
  • If I had lived in the Middle Ages, I’d rather have been a(n) _______________ than a(n) _______________.
  • If I had had the chance, I’d rather have _______________.
  • I’d rather my parents had _______________.
  • I’d rather my parents had not _______________.
  • I’d rather my teacher(s) _______________.
  • I’d rather my teacher(s) did not _______________.
  • I’d rather be _______________ (adj.) than _______________ (adj.).
  • I’d rather have travelled to _______________ than _______________.
  • I’d rather travel to _______________ than _______________.
  • I’d rather get a(n) _______________ for Christmas than a(n) _______________.
  • I’d rather my classmates _______________.
  • I’d rather my classmates didn’t _______________.
  • I’d rather the public transport in Santander _______________.

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