Posted by: crisdiaz24 | March 12, 2012



1.    What is the purpose of self-help books? Is it…

o   To comfort?

o   To teach?

o   To entertain?

o   Others?

2.    Can you give any examples of self-help books that have comforted you, taught you something, or entertained you?

3.    What do self-help books focus on?

4.    If you were to buy a self-help book, what would it be about:

o   Psychology / Assertiveness / Self-confidence /

o   Relationships

o   Human behavior

o   Children’s upbringing / Family issues /Parenting

o   Emotional intelligence

o   Stress management / relaxation

o   Health problems

o   Career development

o   Saving the Earth

o   Others

5.    Have you ever bought or read a self-help book?

6.    Do you think that self-help books can actually help you to solve a problem or a difficult situation you have to deal with?

7.    If reading a self-help book does not help, who should you turn to for assistance?

8.    Do you think the solutions given in a self-help book can be a utopia?

9.    Can you mention any self-help books that have been best-sellers in Spain or which are in the top-twenty non-fiction books from Spanish newspapers these days?


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