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Verbs that can be followed either by an infinitive or an –ing form


Verbs that can be followed either by an infinitive or an –ing form


To remember

  • + -ing = To mean the action comes before remembering. I remember going to the bank, but nothing after that.
  • + Infinitive = to mean that remembering comes before the action described. Remember to take your hat when you go out.


To try

  • + -ing = to say that we test sthg to see if it improves a situation. I tried taking some aspirin, but the pain didn’t go away.
  • + Inf. = to say that we attempt to do sthg. I tried to get the table through the door, but it was too big.


to stop

  • + -ing= To say what it is that we stop doing. They stopped laughing when Malcolm walked into the room.
  • + Inf.= To say why we stop doing sthg. She stopped to make a cup of tea.


to go on

  • + -ing= To continue doing sthg. Although she asked him to stop, he went on tapping his pen on the table.
  • + Inf.= To mean that sthg is done after sthg else is finished. You do it after you have finished doing something else. After the interval, Pavarotti went on to sing an aria from Tosca.


To forget

  • + -ing= To mean that you don’t remember sthg that you did in the past. I shall never forget going to the cinema for the first time in my life.
  • + Inf.= To mean you must remember to do sthg in the future. Don’t forget to post the letter..


To mean

  • + -ing= To say that sthg has sthg else as a result. If we want to get there by 7.00, that means getting up before 5.00.
  • + Inf.= To say that we intend(ed) to do sthg. I meant to phone you last week.


To come

  • + -ing= To say that sby moves in the way that is described. He came hurrying up the path.
  • + -Inf.= To talk about a gradual change. After some years, they came to accept her as an equal.


To regret

  • + -ing= To say we have already done sthg that we are not happy about. It’s too late now, but I’ll always regret asking John to do the work.
  • + Inf.= To say that we are about to do sthg we are not happy about.  I regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful.




  1. Talk about something you have tried to do but couldn’t.
  2. What different activities do you remember doing two days ago?
  3. What must you remember to do this evening?
  4. Talk about things in your past you will never forget.
  5. What can’t you forget to do this week?
  6. Do you have any regrets in relation with your past? What would you change if you still had the chance?
  7. Have you come to accept some kinds of behaviour you didn’t before?
  8. What would you recommend someone who suffers from stress?
  9. What do we spend too much time doing?

10. Have you ever promised sthg you didn’t keep? What did you promise?

11. Talk about things you don’t mind doing at home.

12. What kind of things need doing at home?

13. What kind of things can’t you bear watching / listening to / doing?

14. What would you consider doing if you were on holiday at the moment?


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