Posted by: crisdiaz24 | April 16, 2012


  1. As a tourist,

a. have you ever been on a package holiday? Bought souvenirs? Where? What?

b. Have you taken lots of photographs? What of?  Who of? Where?

c. Have you filmed your holiday with a camcorder?

d. Have you written your name in a visitors’ book or on a wall or building? What? Where?

2. “Travel broadens the mind.”  Do you agree?

3. Think about yourselves as tourists. Where have you been? What have you done as tourists?

4. What is the most interesting or unusual trip you have ever been on?

5. Remember a holiday resort you used to go to as a child or a particular holiday you spent as a child.

a. Where was the place you went to?

b. What sort of place was it?

c. Who did you go with?

d. Where did you stay?

e. What sort of things did you do there every day?

f. Did you enjoy yourself there?

g. Have you been back there in recent years?

h. If so, how did you feel?

i. Has the place changed much?

j. Do you feel nostalgic when you remember the place?

6. Where would you like to go? What must you decide first when planning a holiday?  What kind of objects do you take with you when you go on holiday?

7. What makes a holiday “exotic” for you? If you could have an exotic holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?

8. Where would you go for an “adventure” holiday? Give reasons. What preparations would you nee to make? What would you do when you got there? Would you prefer to travel alone or in a group? Would you prefer to go as a tourist or as a traveller?

9. Have you ever had to be immunised / vaccinated against anything before going on holiday?

10. Have you ever visited a remote island or area of a country? What problems did you have or do you imagine you might have in such an area?

11. What makes you decide on a definite holiday? Do you believe in holidays advertised in brochures? Are they reliable?

12. What are the advantages and disadvantages of package holidays?

13. Imagine you have to organise a tour of Cantabria. Describe briefly the route the tour would take and the places of interest which would be visited.

14. Would you reject a job that involved travelling?

 15. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Discuss this English proverb.



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