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 Example: Djokovic beat Rafael Nadal at Monte-Carlo yesterday. (Nadal)

It was Nadal that beat Dojokovic at Monte-Carlo yesterday. It wasn’t Djokovic that beat Nadal…

Marconi discovered radium. (Marie Curie)

It was Marie Curies that discovered radium. It wasn’t Marconi.

The first round of the French Presidential elections took place last Saturday. (last Sunday / yesterday)

It was last Sunday / yesterday that the first round of the French Presidential elections took place. It wasnt last Saturday that…

  1. Amy Winehouse died of pneumonia in 2011. (drug overdose / alcohol poisoning)
  2. Oil Company Shell has been nationalised by the Argentinean government. (YPF)
  3. Mozart composed The Ninth Symphony. (Beethoven)
  4. Two trains collided last week near Paris. (Near Amsterdam)
  5. John Boyne wrote The Great Gatsby. (Scott Fitzgerald)
  6. Woody Allen latest film To Rome with Love premiere took place on Friday April 132 in Rome. (Friday, April 13th))

10.Julia Roberts plays a supporting role in Pretty Woman. (the main role)

11.Rajoy became Spain’s Prime Minister in 2010. (2011)

12.The Titanic capsized off the coast of Italy in January. (Costa Condordia)

13.Winston Churchill is Britain’s Prime Minister. (David Cameron)

14.Froilán shot himself in the hand at Easter. (in the foot)

15.Frank Sinatra sang BohemianRhapsody. (Freddy Mercury)

16.Mario Monti is France’s Prime Minister. (Italy)

17.Velázquez painted The Last Supper. (Leonardo da Vinci)

18.Irak is asked to dismantle its fortified underground nuclear facility. (Iran)

19.President Kennedy was assassinated in Houston in 1963. (Dallas)

20.There is one memorial to Dodi Al-Fayed and Lady Diana Spencer in Selfridges. (Harrods).

21.Hugh Laurie was born in the United States. (England)

22.Strauss-Kahn has substituted Christine Lagarde as Head of the International Monetary Fund. (Christine Lagarde)

23.Marconi invented the telephone. (Graham Bell)

24.Nelson defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. (Trafalgar)

25.John Lennon was assassinated in Liverpool in 1980. (New York)

26.Iker Casillas scored the winning goal at Saturday’s football match. (Cristiano Ronaldo)

27.James Cook discovered Brazil. (Australia)

28.Queen Elizabeth II is going to celebrate her fiftieth anniversary on the throne. (sixtieth)

29.Las Meninas can be seen at the National gallery in London. (The Prado Museum)

30.Prince William married Camilla Parker-Bowles last year. (Katherine Middleton)

31.Sarah Ferguson is the first female chancellor of Germany. (Angela Merkel)

32.Dolores de Cospedal is Spain’s foreign secretary. (de Guindos)


  1. F. C. Barcelona beat Real Madrid last Saturday. (Real Madrid)
  2. Beethoven composed Little Night Music. (Mozart)
  3. The 200 anniversary of the Cádiz Constitution was celebrated on the 20th of March. (19th March)
  4. Benazir Butho was assassinated at a political rally in Afghanistan in December 2007. (Pakistan)
  5. The 100th anniversary of the sinking of RMS Titanic was celebrated on the 13th of April. (12th April)
  6. The Rosetta Stone can be seen at the Archaeological Museum in Madrid. (British Museum)
  7. Queen Elizabeth II told Hugo Chávez to shut up at a summit in South America. (King Juan Carlos8.
  8. The Twin Towers were destroyed on September, 12th, 2001. (September, 11th)
  9. London will hold the 2016 Olympic Games next summer. (2012)
  10. Napoleon invaded England in the year 1066. (William the Conqueror)
  11. A concert of the works of the Strauss family takes place every year on the 1st of January in Salzburg. (Vienna)
  12. The city of Burgos is to host the 2014 Sailing World Championship. (Santander)
  13. Michele Bachelet was President of Argentina. (Chile)
  14. FC Barcelona has been defeated at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium last week. (Camp Nou)
  15. You can visit the Leaning Tower in Naples. (Pisa)
  16. Brad Pitt is said to marry Jennifer Anniston shortly. (Angelina Jolie)
  17. Stephen King wrote The Da Vinci Code. ( Dan Brown)
  18. Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been accused of corruption. (rape)
  19. The Spanish Armada was defeated under the reign of Queen Victoria. (Elizabeth I)
  20. Pasqual Maragall is suffering from Parkinson Disease. (Alzheimer)
  21. Neil Armstrong was the first man to ever set foot on Mars. (on the Moon)
  22. Nicanor Parra has won the Nobel Prize for Literature 2012. (Premio Cervantes)
  23. Einstein invented the light bulb. (Edison)
  24. George Clooney stars in J. Edgar. (Leonardo di Caprio)
  25. Mount Vesuvius destroyed the city of Rome in the year 79 A.D. (Pompeii)
  26. Amundsen was the first man to climb Mount Everest. (Edmund Hillary)
  27. Table Mountain is one of Australia most recognisable natural landmarks. (Uluru)
  28. Hernán Cortés conquered Canada. (Mexico)
  29. Shakespeare was born in London. (Stratford-Upon-Avon)
  30. Pope John XXIII was elected on the 19th April 2005. (Pope Benedict XVI)
  31. Stieg Larsson wrote The Shadow of the Wind in 2001. (Carlos Ruiz Zafón


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