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For questions 1-6, read the following text and then choose from the list A – J the best phrase given below to fill each of the spaces. Each correct phrase may only be used once. Some of the suggested answers do not fit at all. The exercise begins with an example.


A craze among young people for “tram-surfing” – holding on the outside of moving carriages – has forced a city to redesign its fleet of hi-tech vehicles.

Manchester decided to take this action on the new extension of their system after youngsters were spotted tram-surfing 0) _____ J _____ through the city. The 32 trams will be sent back to the workshop to have an outside ledge [1]removed 1) __________.

‘We’re extremely concerned about this,’ said Jane Neraney, a spokeswoman for the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive. The executive has sent representatives to schools 2) __________ the dangers, and promises a new classroom campaign in the autumn.

The sport is a version of the deadly train-surfing craze that first started in Brazil, where it claims up to 200 lives a year. Children and teenagers hold 3) __________ the trains, often at high speed, ducking under bridges and electric cables.

Train surfing came to Britain in the late 1980s with a series of horrific accidents and deaths on British Rail. A more recent outbreak was blamed on the hit movie Mission: Impossible, which had Tom Cruise 4) __________.

Tram-surfing has arrived 5) __________ the rebirth of streetcar systems in Sheffield, Birmingham and Croydon as well as Manchester.

In Sheffield, managers said rollerbladers had joined the surfers, hanging on to the back of the trams at 45kph. A police campaign seems 6) __________ that practice. In the latest outbreak in Manchester, children have been seen hanging on to vehicle mirrors. These examples of teenage bravado may appear gentler than the railway version, but the authorities are still extremely concerned at the prospect of death or injury.

A.      to warn children of

B.      preventing children from gaining a foothold

C.      to be run over by a car

D.      thanks to

E.       travelling at only 35 kilometres per hour

F.       on to the top or sides of

G.     encouraging people to travel safely

H.     climbing over train roofs

I.        to have ended

J.        as they sped

Taken from ©First Certificate Gold Practice Exams

[1] Ledge: a narrow shelf which sticks out from a vertical surface.





0. J

1. B

2. A

3. F

4. H

5. D

6. I


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