Posted by: crisdiaz24 | May 7, 2012


  1. Is the whale a fish or a mammal?
  2. Which reptile alive today is a descendant of the dinosaurs?
  3. Are the following trees deciduous or evergreen: poplar, yew, birch?
  4. What does the bee take from flowers to make honey?
  5. Name three animals that hibernate in winter.
  6. What does a British boy or girl traditionally say while pulling the petals off a daisy one by one?
  7. Which is the fastest of all land animals?
  8. What do you call a group of wolves?
  9. What do you call the illegal hunting and killing of animals?
  10. What plants or animals are the symbols of:
  • England?
  • Scotland?
  • Canada?
  • New Zealand?

11. What do fish use their gills for?

12. Can you name an endangered species of plant or animal?

13. Which of these creatures is extinct: emu, dinosaur, phoenix?

14. Name three flowers and three birds.

15. What animal has no natural predators (except man)?

16. When Spanish explorers first landed in the New World they discovered an animal which had been previously unknown to them. For want of a better name they simply called it El Lagarto. What is the common English name of this animal today?

17. The sea is filled with many strange creatures. This creature looks like a water flea at birth. Next it develops 3 eyes and 12 legs. In its next stage it develops 24 legs and no eyes. This animal spends its entire adult life in one place. What is the name of this common animal?

18. How many years ago did dodos become extinct?

19. What continent has the greatest number of four-legged animals in the world?

20. Where do Galapagos penguins live?

21. Which of these three animals is endangered: the lion, the mountain gorilla or the flamingo?

22. One of Greenpeace most famous campaigns was to save which animals: tigers, whales or leopards?

23. Endangered animals are harmed the most by: pollution, droughts or humans?

24. What is the name of the world’s leading conservation organization which has been protecting the future of nature for 50 year?

25 RACE is to humans as _____ is to animals (ANSWER: BREED)


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