Posted by: a2cristina | May 9, 2012

the mammoth – Open Cloze Test



In evolutionary terms, it is only yesterday __________the woolly mammoth became extinct, just three and a half thousand years ago in fact. A dwarf variety existed __________ 1500BC on Wrangel Island in Russia which was covered in its bones. Interestingly enough, the word mammoth comes from Russian, and __________ borrowed from a Tartar language, ‘maa’ meaning ‘earth’. Mammoth remains were dug from the earth, so people believed that it must __________ lived underground! The woolly variety known to prehistoric man, dates from about 700,000 years ago __________ the earth’s temperatures fell. With its thick coat it was __________ to cope with the extreme cold of the ice age. Quite __________ it became extinct is open to question. Some experts claim over-hunting by man caused __________ disappearance but the most likely cause remains the dramatic end of the ice age. Rumours concerning mammoths hiding out __________ Alaska persisted until quite recently. One story from 1900 concerned a hunter who claimed he __________ killed a mammoth and donated it to a museum – the story turned __________ to be a hoax!

Even so, they could __________ making a comeback; there are some scientists who believe that they can take genetic material from frozen mammoths and inject it into the eggs of female Indian elephants. So __________ knows, these magnificent creatures could roam the earth again!



Adapted from: Spotlight on FCE ©Heinle CENGAGE LEARNING


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