Posted by: a2cristina | May 31, 2012


Podéis consultar la información general referente a las pruebas de certificación de junio y septiembre 2012 en el siguiente enlace:


  1. Hello Cristina, this is Eduardo, your already old student in advanced 2. Although a bit late, I felt like to tell you I have had a really nice year in your class. There was a enjoyable atmosphere and there were cool classmates too.
    Maybe what I like most is the great deal of diferents activities every day. And above all, dealing with a large number of different subjects and cultures in English. It´s a good thing not only learn English but to know other different knoledge through a foreign language.
    On the other hand, perhaps the only bad thing is to have passed my exams and consequently, I only will be able to go to the EOi just to the library but not to attend any class. Well, I suppose that´s life!

    Anyway, thanks for everything and have a nice summer, Eduardo Ramos.


    • Thank you so much, Eduardo, for your kind remarks. It’s been a pleasure having all of you in class. I don’t know if I deserve your compliments, but you make me keener to do my job well. I am very lucky to be able to teach. I love it, but it is sometimes so difficult I don’t know whether I do it well or not. You have encouraged me so much with your kind words. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


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