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To undergo: to experience sthg, especially a change or sthg unpleasant.

Increase IN

To yearn for: (literary) to want sthg very much, especially when it is very difficult to get. Synonym: to long for.
Plastic surgery: medical operations to repair injury to a person’s skin, or to improve a person’s appearance.

Cosmetic surgery: connected with medical treatment that is intended to improve a person’s appearance.

Game: wild animals or birds that people hunt for sport or food.

To set up: to build sthg or put sthg somewhere. To create sthg or start it.

Appeal: a quality that makes sby/sthg attractive or interesting.

To wake up to: to become aware of sthg; to realize sthg.

Facelift: a medical operation in which the skin on a person’s face is made tighter in order to make them look younger.

Swanky: informal, disapproving) fashionable and expensive in a way that is intended to impress people. Synonym: posh.

To shuttle: to travel between two places frequently. To carry people between two places that are close, making regular journeys between the two places.

Bruise: a blue, brown or purple mark that appears on the skin after sby has fallen, been hit, etc.

To fade: to become or to make sthg become paler or less bright. To disappear gradually.

Shower: a large number of things that arrive or fall together, To shower: to give sby a lot of sthg.

Eyebrows: [usually pl.] the line of hair above the eye.

On occasion: sometimes but not often.

Wisdom: the ability to make sensible decisions and give good advice because of the experience and knowledge that you have.

To concur: (with sby) (in sthg) | concur (with sthg) (formal) to agree.

To rule out: to state that sthg is not possible or that sby/sthg is not suitable. Synonym: To exclude.

To shift: to move, or move sthg, from one position or place to another.

To bury: to place a dead body in a grave.

To hail: (literary) to call to sby in order to say hello to them or attract their attention.

Tight: held or fixed in position firmly; difficult to move or undo.

On the rise: increasing in amount or number.

Outright: complete and total. Open and direct.

To stand as: to represent.

Embodiment: (formal) embodiment of sthg a person or thing that represents or is a typical example of an idea or a quality.

Remarkable: unusual or surprising in a way that causes people to take notice. Synonym: Astonishing.

To don: (formal) to put clothes, etc. on.

Diehard: sby who is strongly opposing change and new ideas.

Thus: as a result of sthg just mentioned.

Apartheid: the former political system in South Africa in which only white people had full political rights and other people, especially black people, were forced to live away from white people, go to separate schools, etc.

Widespread: existing or happening over a large area or among many people.








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