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To go down: to be received in a particular way by sby.

To go into (mass-production): to begin to do sthg.

Pool: a supply of things or money that is shared by a group of people and can be used when needed.

To hop on sthg: (informal) to go or move somewhere quickly and suddenly.

To pedal off: to ride a bicycle somewhere.

Mate: (BrE, informal) a friend

Alternative to

To resemble: [no passive] (not used in the progressive tenses) to look like or be similar to another person or thing.

To flap: if a bird flaps its wings, or if its wings flap, they move quickly up and down.

To struggle: if a bird flaps its wings, or if its wings flap, they move quickly up and down.

To improve upon sthg: to achieve or produce sthg that is of a better quality than sthg else.

Blacksmith: a person whose job is to make and repair things made of iron, especially horseshoes.

To drum up: to try hard to get support or business.

To rope off: to separate an area from another one, using ropes, to stop people from entering it.

Undaunted: [not usually before noun] (formal) still enthusiastic and determined, despite difficulties or disappointment. Undeterred.

To speed off: to move away quickly.

To set about: [no passive] to start doing sthg.

To outdo: to do more or better than sby else.

Wire: metal in the form of thin thread; a piece of this.

Spoke: one of the thin bars or long straight pieces of metal that connect the centre of a wheel to its outer edge, for example on a bicycle.

Rubber: a strong substance that can be stretched and does not allow liquids to pass through it, used for making tyres, boots, etc. It is made from the juice of a tropical plant or is produced using chemicals.

Tyre: a thick rubber ring that fits around the edge of a wheel of a car, bicycle, etc.

Overall: [only before noun] including all the things or people that are involved in a particular situation; genera.

Gears: [C, usually pl.] machinery in a vehicle that turns engine power (or power on a bicycle) into movement forwards or backwards.

Precarious: (of a situation) not safe or certain; dangerous. Likely to fall or cause sby to fall.

Penny-farthing: (BrE) an early type of bicycle with a very large front wheel and a very small back wheel. Velocípedo.

To launch: to start an activity, especially an organized one. To make a product available to the public for the first time.

Chaperone: (in the past) an older woman who, on social occasions, took care of a young woman who was not married.

To prompt sby to do sthg: to make sby decide to do sthg; to cause sthg to happen.

Underneath: under or below sth else, especially when it is hidden or covered by the thing on top.

Outraged: shocked or angry.

To thunder: to make a very loud deep noise. To roar.

Loose: not firmly fixed where it should be; able to become separated from sthg.

To pedal: to ride a bicycle somewhere.

Exertion: physical or mental effort; the act of making an effort.

Inner-city: the part near the centre of a large city, which often has social problems. De las zones urbanas deprimidas.

Tenement: a large building divided into flats / apartments, especially in a poor area of a city. Casa de vecinos.

To lobby: (for / against sthg) to try to influence a politician or the government and, for example, persuade them to support or oppose a change in the law

To lay down: to put sthg down, especially on the floor, ready to be used.

To pave the way: (for sby/sthg)to create a situation in which sby will be able to do sthg or sthg can happen.

Thus: in this way; like this. As a result of sthg just mentioned.

To invigorate: [often passive] to make sby feel healthy and full of energy.

To move on to sthg: to start doing or discussing sthg new.

Increasingly: more and more all the time.

Moped: a motorcycle with a small engine and also pedals. Ciclomotor.




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