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Contestant: a person who takes part in a contest.

To blow away: to be moved by the wind, sby’s breath, etc.; to move sthg in this way.

Breeze: a light wind.

To bounce: if sthg bounces or you bounce it, it moves quickly away from a surface it has just hit or you make it do this.

Inner: inside; towards or close to the centre of a place.

Reckoning: the act of calculating sthg, especially in a way that is not very exact.

As unlikely as it seems: Por muy improbable que parezca.

Skinny: (informal, usually disapproving) very thin, especially in a way that you find unpleasant or ugly.

To wolf down: (informal) to eat food very quickly, especially by putting a lot of it in your mouth at once.

To nauseate: to make sby feel that they want to vomit.

Oyster: shellfish. Some types of oyster can be eaten and others produce shiny white jewels called pearls.

Hard-boiled: (of an egg) boiled until the inside is hard.

To dunk: (in / into sthg) to put food quickly into liquid before eating it.

To confide: (sthg) (to sby) to tell sby secrets and personal information that you do not want other people to know.

Slot: a long narrow opening, into which you put or fit sthg.

To ponder: (about / on / over sthg) (formal) to think about sthg carefully for a period of time; to consider.

To struggle: (for sthg) to try very hard to do sthg when it is difficult or when there are a lot of problems.

County: an area of Britain, Ireland or the US that has its own government.

Fair: a type of entertainment in a field or park at which farm animals and products are shown and take part in competitions.

Tray: a flat piece of wood, metal or plastic with raised edges, used for carrying or holding things, especially food.

Stronghold: an area in which there is a lot of support for a particular belief or group of people, especially a political party.

To choke: (on sthg) to be unable to breathe because the passage to your lungs is blocked or you cannot get enough air; to make sby unable to breathe.

To lick: to move your tongue over the surface of sthg in order to eat it, make it wet or clean it.

Countdown: the period of time just before sthg important happens.

To grab: to take or hold sby/sthg with your hand suddenly, firmly or roughly.

Sip: a very small amount of a drink that you take into your mouth.

Farce: a situation or an event that is so unfair or badly organized that it becomes ridiculous.

To drip: (of liquid) to fall in small drops.

To seek – sought – sought: to look for sthg/sby.

To push in: to use your hands, arms or body in order to make sby/sthg move forward or away from you; to move part of your body into a particular position.

Excruciating: extremely painful or bad.

To add up: (not used in the progressive tenses) to increase by small amounts until there is a large total.

Thrilled: very excited and pleased.

Oversized: bigger than the normal size; too big.

Roughly: approximately but not exactly.

Overdrawn: [not usually before noun] (of a person) having taken more money out of your bank account than you have in it.

To overrate: [usually passive] to have too high an opinion of sby/sthg; to put too high a value on sby/sthg.

To overexpose: to allow sby/sthg to be seen too much on television, in the newspapers, etc.

Binge: (informal) a short period of time when sby does too much of a particular activity, especially eating or drinking alcohol.

Junk mail: (disapproving) advertising material that is sent to people who have not asked for it.



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