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Fiancé: the man that a woman is engaged to.

Unreasonable: not fair; expecting too much.

To GO out of fashion

From top to bottom: going to every part of a place in a very thorough way.

To scrub: to clean sthg by rubbing it hard, perhaps with a brush and usually with soap and water.

To polish: to make sthg smooth and shiny by rubbing it with a cloth, often with polish on it.

Casserole: a hot dish made with meat, vegetables, etc. that are cooked slowly in liquid in an oven.

To blush: to become red in the face because you are embarrassed or ashamed.

Out of character: not typical of a person’s character.

Weird: very strange or unusual and difficult to explain.

Wifely: (old-fashioned or humorous) typical or expected of a wife.

Unwittingly: without being aware of what you are doing or the situation that you are involved in.

Unpaid: not yet paid. Done or taken without payment

To take on: to decide to do sthg.

To tie the knot: (informal) to get married.

Bizarre: very strange or unusual.

To set out: to present ideas, facts, etc. in an organized way, in speech or writing.

Regress: (formal, usually disapproving) to return to an earlier or less advanced form or way of behaving.

Archetypal: having all the important qualities that make sby/sthg a typical example of a particular kind of person or thing.

Balance sheet: (finance) a written statement showing the amount of money and property that a company has and listing what has been received and paid out.

To get hitched: (informal) to get married.

To weigh up: (against sthg) to consider sthg carefully before making a decision.

Workload: the amount of work that has to be done by a particular person or organization.

Laundry: clothes, sheets, etc. that need washing, that are being washed, or that have been washed recently.

Nowhere near: far from; not at all.

To be at pains: to put a lot of effort into doing sthg correctly.

To deny: to say that sthg is not true.

Prior to: (formal) before sthg.

To refrain from: (formal) to stop yourself from doing sthg, especially sthg that you want to do. To desist from.

Outdoor: [only before noun] used, happening or located outside rather than in a building.

Husband-to-be: Future husband.

Evenly: calmly; without showing any emotion.

To grumble: (at / to sby) (about / at sby/sthg) to complain about sby/sthg in a bad-tempered way.

Jocks: a piece of men’s underwear, underpants. (Am English)

To get way beyond one: (one joke) Not funny at all.

To break down: to destroy sthg or make it disappear, especially a particular feeling or attitude that sby has

To be littered with: (sthg) (with sthg) [usually passive] to leave things in a place, making it look untidy:

Nugget: a small thing such as an idea or a fact that people think of as valuable. Snippet.

To sum up: to describe or show the most typical characteristics of sby/sthg, especially in a few words.

Neatly: simply but cleverly.

Tiresome: making you feel annoyed. Annoying.

To mow: to cut grass, etc. using a machine or tool with a special blade or blades.

Lawn: an area of ground covered in short grass in a garden / yard or park, or used for playing a game on.

Seven-year-itch: (informal, humorous) the desire for new sexual experience that is thought to be felt after seven years of marriage. La crisis de los siete años.

Flux: continuous movement and change. In a state of flux: in a changing state.

To catch up: to reach the same level or standard as sby who was better or more advanced.

Mismatch: (between A and B) a combination of things or people that do not go together well or are not suitable for each other.

To spiral: to increase rapidly.

Divorce rate: the number of divorces in a year,

In / Out of tune: to be / not be in agreement with sby/sthg; to have / not have the same opinions, feelings, interests, etc. as sby/sthg. Not sympathetic to or not agreeing to.

Ultimately: in the end; finally.

For the sake of: in order to help sby/sthg or because you like sby/sthg. In the interest of.


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