Posted by: a2cristina | November 18, 2012

Straightforward Advanced Unit Test 1


This post has been deleted.


  1. How I can get advanced progress tests?


  2. Flaco favor nos haces a los profesores publicando las respuestas de los exámenes. Diseñar exámenes es un trabajo que nos lleva horas y cualquier ejercicio que podamos sacar de los recursos del profesor siempre es una ayuda. Si publicas las respuestas, no podemos usar estos recursos.
    Creo además que para publicar este tipo de contenido deberías contar con el permiso de la editorial, y dudo que lo tengas.


    • I am so sorry you feel this way. I’ll delete the posts you are referring to. The others are my own creation. No, I do not have a license to use these materials, you are right. In no way was it my intention to upset other teachers. My only purpose was to help students. Moreover, as the European Framwork aims to use authentic materials to create exams, I did not think posting the ones you are talking about a problem. I apologise sincerely. However, I think you could have written a more polite comment. The result would have been the same one.


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