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Straightforward Advanced Unit Test 1

Straightforward Advanced Unit Test 1

Name _______________________             Score ______/50_


A  Complete the text with the correct form of the words in brackets.

Although I look back on my (1) _______ (child) with affection I also remember how much my life altered as I got older. With (2) _______ (mature) comes a lot of (3) _______ (responsible), and as many people have said, a loss of (4) _______ (innocent). Nowadays I have to make (5) _______ (decide) that don’t only affect me, but also my family and friends. Sometimes I worry too much because of all the (6) _______ (expect) that they have, and I don’t want to disappoint people or be seen as a (7) _______ (fail). One thing I have noticed recently is that at least I have more (8) _______ (patient) than I used to.

B  Complete the sentences with the correct suffix for each word.

(9) I don’t believe your deni____.

(10) His generous____ is well known.

(11) Intellig____ is an important attribute.

(12) Do you know what time our depart____ is?

(13) Passing that exam was a great achieve____.

(14) Was your childhood happy or was it full of sad____?

C  Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentences.

(15) I really don’t like this programme. Do you mind if I shift / switch / transfer channels?

(16) As you grow older it’s important to adapt / switch / vary to different situations.

(17) Recently my life has adapted / altered / transferred beyond belief.

(18) Most toddlers / preteens / senior citizens look back on their lives with a degree of nostalgia.

(19) It’s important to eat a healthy and altered / transformed / varied diet.

(20) As a thirty-two / teenager / twenty something I feel I have a lot still to do in my life.

(21) I think my father is suffering from a midlife / wrong side of forty / senior citizen crisis.

(22) When you’re getting on for / turning for / coming of forty you realise that almost half your life      has gone. It’s not a nice thought.


D  Complete the conversation with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Sally:               Have you (23) _______ (finish) yet?

Hannah:          No, not yet. I’m (24) _______ (wait) for you to tell me what to do.

Sally:               Oh, come on! You’re always (25) _______ (ask) me what I think, and you know I always trust what you (26) _______ (do).

Hannah:          I know, but I really don’t (27) _______ (understand) why.

Sally:               You know you’re not (28) _______ (be) very helpful.

Hannah:          Sorry. I’ll (29) _______ (try) to be more helpful in the future.

Sally:               Thanks.

E  Are these sentences correct (C) or incorrect (I)? Correct the ones that are        incorrect.

(30) I’ve been knowing her for about ten years.

(31) I can still remember my first day at school.

(32) You’re probably wonder what you can do about it.

(33) When I finish school I’m wanting to travel.

(34) I just don’t know why you feel jealous.

(35) I’ve been trying to talk to you all day.

F   Complete the sentences with words from the box. Each word can only be used once.

did               does                one               ones              so              that              those

What are your favourite places to visit?

Oh! They have to be the (36) _______ I went to on holiday as a child.

I’m sure you enjoyed that film more than I (37) _______.

What kind of music did you listen to when you were a teenager?

Oh! In (38) _______ days I listened to punk music.

Wow! I can’t imagine (39) _______.

Is that Peter?

No, I don’t think (40) _______.

Which university does Max go to?

The same (41) _______ as your son (42) _______. Don’t you remember?

Speech features

G  Complete the text with words from the box. Each word can only be used once. There are three extra words.

anything               just                  odd                 roughly                   nearly                  up

something                   somewhere                  upwards                 so                 very

In the UK (43) _______10% of the total population are between the ages of 13 and 19. That means that from a population of (44) _______ over 60 million (45) _______ in the region of 6 million are teenagers. A recent survey carried out by UNICEF showed that over the last twenty or (46) _______ years British teens have faced a sharp decline in standard of living. Of the 20 (47) _______ countries included in the report, the UK was in the bottom half in all six categories from happiness to educational wellbeing. (48) _______ like 15% of all UK teenagers live below the relative poverty line, whereas in most other European countries the figure isn’t (49) _______ as high. The report also shows that (50) _______ nearly half the teenagers interviewed said their peers were unhelpful and unfriendly, not a particularly good picture.

Straightforward Advanced Unit Test 1

Answer key




1 childhood  

2 maturity  

3 responsibility  

4 innocence  

5 decisions  

6 expectations  

7 failure  

8 patience



9 denial  

10 generosity  

11 Intelligence  

12 departure  

13 achievement  

14 sadness



15 switch  

16 adapt  

17 altered  

18 senior citizens  

19 varied  

20 twenty  

21 midlife

22 getting on for





23 finished  

24 waiting  

25 asking  

26 do  

27 understand  

28 being  

29 try



30 I’ve known her for about ten years.  

31 Correct  

32 You’re probably wondering …  

33 I want to travel.  

34 Correct  

35 Correct



36 ones  

37 did  

38 those  

39 that  

40 so  

41 one  

42 does



Speech feature


43 roughly 

44 just  

45 somewhere  

46 so  

47 odd  

48 Something  

49 nearly  

50 very



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